Phlebotomy Instructor
Brief info

I help future phlebotomist become certified in their field.

I am a phlebotomy instructor/supervisor at The Nirvana Institute, Inc. I teach students how to collect blood, how to transport laboratory specimens, and prepare them for the national certification exam to become a phlebotomy technician. I also train phlebotomy instructors.


I have experience in allied health as an instructor, customer service, direct patient care, clinical, laboratory, phlebotomy, health education and administration. I possess strong leadership, organizational and professional skills. I am able to adapt effectively to challenging situations, work independently, and multi task oriented and focused. My background is in allied health education, having worked well with a team of physicians, dean of education, supervisors, co-workers, students, and the public have equipped me with the necessary tools to effectively assist people toward social, emotional, and personal development.